Dating a Roommate: Yes or No?

After our recent post about choosing to live in the same dorm as your significant other, I thought I’d bring up a similar topic I’m struggling with: should you start a relationship with a roommate?

My current financial situation means I had to make a few compromises when looking for a new apartment. First off, I had to move to a shady neighborhood. And not just a put-away-your-ipod kind of neighborhood, but a maybe-you-should-carry-pepper-spray-and-also-possibly-a-knife kind of place. Secondly, I moved in with three boys.

Yes, I know, I’m living in a glorified frat house: Scarface posters on the wall, 2 years worth of grime in the tub (so much for a relaxing post-work soak) and a fridge full of beer and moldy food. When I arrived to take a look around and put down my deposit, however, I soon realized that these were the least of my problems; one of my roommates is cute.

I figured the likelihood of us hitting it off was slim to none, so I tried not to worry about it too much. As I settled into my new pad, however, it became apparent that sparks were flying. We shared similar interests, exchanged little flirty comments back and forth, and started making plans. We even built a fort in the living room, draping the couches and chairs with blankets and writing “FORT” on a cardboard box outside our creation, just in case anyone was confused.

Last week, we tried to see a movie but it was sold out, so we wandered around the neighborhood, romantically lit by streetlights. I was freezing cold, so he put his arm around me to keep me warm. Then…we kissed.

And I panicked. I like this guy! He likes me! WE SHARE A BATHROOM.

I told him right away I thought it was a bad idea to date a roommate, but since we really dig each other, we should consider keeping an open mind and seeing what happens. I’m just worried that we don’t know each other well enough to fast forward directly to the living-together phase.

What do you think? Is dating a roommate the ultimate in convenience or a recipe for disaster?

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