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Barbie’s got a cute taser gun…and a party for it, too!


All of us girls have played out this scenario in our heads multiple times (and if we haven’t, then our parents have and they’ve been sure to articulate the matter more than once)…

We are walking down a dark alley (why are we always in these dark alleys?) and we get attacked. By a hostile stranger. He wants to steal our purse or rape us or kill us or all three. How do we defend ourselves?

Well, many women have come up with their own protection system. Some don’t walk alone at night. Others have invested time and money into self defense courses. And still others opt for the bad ass route of the knife, the mace, or the…taser gun.

The taser gun has actually been growing in popularity these days…but I have some questions for the women who are orchestrating this new taser marketing campaign:

Why, oh why, when we are defending ourselves from a threatening person with a taser gun….why, oh why does the gun need to be decorated with leopard print? And why do we need to celebrate our ability to own a taser gun (in MOST states) with a freakin’ TASER party?

Dana Shafman is the brainchild behind this stupidity. She hosts what she calls, “Shieldher Taser Parties” and she is expanding the parties across the country. Her parties are comprised of light snacks and cute weapons.

While the idea of women carrying around a weapon for self defense purposes does not at all turn me off, the idea of these weapons being suited for the likes of Barbie does. What’s next? Furry hand guns?