To Take Or Not To Take The Pill

My love-hate relationship with the Pill is something I have come to accept.
I always feel as if I technically should be on it for the generic reasons of being a 23-year-old female. But, then, when I am on it, it makes me super-emotional (which is out of character for me), moody, bloated, and just plain not myself. Now, that could just be because I haven’t found the “right” brand of pill, as my gynecologist rudely told me. But I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I have talked to numerous friends who stopped taking it for a multitude of different reasons.
I actually have a real problem with people expecting that just because I am a young recent college graduate (or for those of you still in college– a crazy co-ed), I should, without a doubt, be on birth control. It’s my body and I can choose to do whatever I want with it.
Certain studies and hazards of the Pill make me suspicious as to what’s the truth about the side effects and what is just fodder from the pharmaceutical companies trying to make big bucks.
That being said, I have to weigh the potential benefits of taking the Pill, and the results of a recent study just may cause me to reconsider…

The study has shown that being on the Pill can have a large influence on protecting against ovarian cancer. Women who took the Pill for over ten years will have protection from ovarian cancer even 30 years later, according to Researchers also found that oral contraceptives have already been responsible for “200,000 ovarian cancers and 100,000 deaths from the disease, and that over the next few decades the number of cancers prevented will rise to at least 30,000 per year.”
To me, that is a significant amount of risk diminished by taking the Pill, and causes me to think twice about automatically writing off any health benefits. No matter what the topic, I suggest every college girl think long and hard about the choices you are making now and how it might affect your body later.

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