Attack of the Facial Hair: Beards are BACK!

Remember those days when men ached to read the latest issue of Details, have nice haircuts and unshaven faces? Buckle up because the days of straight boy metrosexuality are over!
Boys across the country are laying down their razors and fighting back against metrosexual revolution. It’s back to feeling like we’re kissing mom’s sewing needles.
If you were dating during that small window of metrosexual history, you will remember the trend wasn’t so bad. Did we really mind looking into those faces with trimmed eyebrows and smooth chins? Hell no! Now guys are proud to show their man mess in the face area.
My boyfriend calls his scruff “neck diarrhea”—you know, the kind of beard that only grows loud and proud from the jaw down. But that doesn’t stop him from letting his stubble see the sun way too often.
Beards are back and the grungy lumber jack look is en vogue. From high powered male celebs to that annoying, but oh-so-sensitive poet type, all the dudes are sporting it. I think men were tired of women telling them how to look.
Of course it’s OK for women to have magazines and TV shows and movies and telling us to be hairless. Maybe we ought to fight back. If you’ve got a guy with a beard, how about refusing to shave your legs and pits until he relents and goes running back to the razor?
And if you’re a beard hater, like me, kill the urge and remember it’s not safe to run with scissors. Negotiation is key.
Our next target: the wrath of the ‘stache.

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