Hooking up with a Friend’s Co-worker: Not the Best Idea

As if avoiding any sexual contact with my own co-workers wasn’t concern enough, now I’ve come to realize it’s best not to get freaky with anyones co-worker.
My friend, I’ll call her “Alyssa”, works in finance. So obviously, all of her co-workers are hot men. She’s kept things platonic there since she’s smart and now these cute money-makers are her pals. This means we all hang out on a semi-regular bar-going basis, thus allowing male/female attraction to develop.
Now my roommate, “Kelly”, has had her eye on one of these fellows for a while, and the two of them have been flirting for months. So it was only a matter of time before they wound up in bed together.
I mean, I wasn’t surprised. But Alyssa, well, she was kind of pissed.
This is something I can understand if a) Alyssa told her not to go there or b) Kelly knew Alyssa had a thing for the dude she bedded. But neither scenerio applies.
Alyssa hasn’t been blind to the obvious liking these two have taken to each other. She’d seen the flirting, the touching, and it never seemed to bother her. But now that something has actually happened between them, there’s been an explosion. And she and Kelly are in a massive fight.
Obviously, I’m trying to stay out of it. But as an outsider, I can see what’s really going on here: Alyssa has a secret crush on her stud of a co-worker.
I know all of this will blow over. The boy/girl drama always does. But the lesson learned is, don’t mess with any co-workers because that work/pleasure dynamic can be a tricky one, especially if there are emotions no one’s talked about.

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