Trendwatch: Pregnancy?

It seems “the pill” is the only drug losing popularity in Hollywood. Can Juicy Maternity handle the baby boom?

Minnie Driver
is now one of many pregnant celebs complete with their very own website to celebrate the joys of expecting ! She’s joining the ranks of 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub, Halle Berry, Gwen and Gavin, who are expecting their second, the unsurprising and to-be-confirmed Brangelina, Jessica Alba, AND Ethan Hawke’s ex-nanny (to his children we presume). The Bellini baskets will be going like hotcakes!
Parenthood is the new Chloe bag, and if Nicole Richie can pull it off, Little Spears just had to jump on that bandwagon. You can practically hear Brit screaming “She’s copying me!” from UCLA’s medical center. Let’s hope Jamie Lynn didn’t take K-Fed out of her speed dial on the off chance she keeps her little bundle of scandal after toughing out the pregnancy… He’s full of post-partum career tips, and maybe can even write a birthday rap!
Celebrity parents are just like the rest of our parents… except of course they’re famous, loaded (have fun with that wordplay), and gasp, even more likely to give their kids a complex. Particulary if, say, your mommy is famous because your grandpa could croon with the best of them in the ’80s, and she and Lindsay Lohan had matching ankle bracelets.
Sure, socially aware Brangelina are collecting children like Britney is psych evaluations, but the rest of celebdom is keeping to moderation and handling themselves as gracefully as the paparazzi allow them. Since growing up in the spotlight seems to be a little intense, it’s impressive that Nicole and Joel Madden have delved into parenthood without causing too big a scene. “Harlow Winter Kate” is only moderately ridiculous, and will surely get less taunting than the Apple of Gwyneth’s eye.
Let’s just hope Paris doesn’t catch on to the pregnancy trend anytime soon…

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