The Writers Strike is Over. Time to Get Your Drink On.

Woohoo! It’s Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am in a great mood! Beers tonight and no alarm clock tomorrow morning, baby. Sounds like perfection to me.
But there is something else adding a little swing in my step this morning (yes, I just said that and yes, I did have a venti Starbucks this morning): rumor has it the writer’s strike is o-v-e-r, OVER. At least everyone thinks it is.
According to Disney CEO Michael Eisner (who, I guess, is part of this whole thing), “a deal has been made, and [the writers will] be back to work very soon.” The deal still has to be presented to the writers, which will happen on Saturday, but Eisner is quite confident it will be accepted.
Which gives me the perfect excuse to get my drink on tomorrow night.
This is the best news I have heard since Britney got out of the hospital and started flaunting her panties all over town…again. I will finally have something to look forward to when I come home from work. I can finally stop watching the train wreck that is Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet #3,476. I can finally feel better about paying for my DVR since it will actually have something to record.
Think of all the glorious TV we will have back!
Grey’s Anatomy: I actually had to Wiki this since it has been so long, but last time we saw the staff at Seattle Grace Dr. Bailey was experiencing major marital problems, McDreamy was moving onto the nurse with the great smile, Izzie told O’Malley’s mom about the affair and Meredith was probably bitching about her “awful” upbringing. How excited are you to find out what happens next? Will Miranda’s husband leave her? Will Meredith finally realize what a sexy man she has and stop mucking it up with her non-existent-yet-she-thinks-they-are-huge issues?
The Office: A Thursday spent without Jim Halpert is not worth having. Even if the bar by my house has $1 pitchers. Just the idea that I can have Jim, Dwight and the entire Dunder Mifflin office back in my life is enough to make me want to get up on my desk and dance (something I usually reserve for Saturday tequila nights).
Gossip Girl: Blair and Nate. Nate and Chuck. Nate and Serena. I haven’t slept in weeks worrying about my friends on the Upper East Side. I considered taking some sleeping pills to get me through, but the Cirque Lodge is currently booked through ’09 and I didn’t want to risk the addiction. Thank God I can finally find out what is going on and sleep peacefully once again.
The Oscars: After the less than thrilling SAG awards and the rumors that the Grammy’s may be shot to hell as well, I started getting a bit nervous about the fate of the Academy Awards.
What the hell is Joan Rivers going to do?
What am I going to talk about for the entire month of March (besides my birthday, cough cough)?
Thank goodness I can stop stressing; with the strike ending the Oscars and all their fashion glory are a comin’.
The only bad news in this whole thing is that it might be up to two weeks until any of our shows return. After months, however, another two weeks is nothing. Just enough time to finish my book, clean my apartment and get my DVR ready for its 2008 comeback.

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The Vulnerable Side to a Workaholic
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