Brand New Lowest Calorie Beer EVER!

As a self-professed health nut and calorie counter, I had a hard time in college justifying the amount of empty calories I was intaking with beer. I never was a big beer drinker, even though everyone told me I would get used to it after awhile. I always thought it tasted horribleand wasn’t worth the calories.
Well, girls, it’s time to REJOICE because Miller Brewing Company has just now caught on to the calorie cutting trend. A 64 calorie beer is set to roll out at the beginning of March.
64 calories! That’s a huge calorie reduction compared to the typical beer.
If you do the math, one standard 12 oz. beer comes in around 150 calories. So, if you drink the forthcoming Miller Genuine Draft Light 64, you can have roughly two and a half beers
for the amount of calories you would typically have in just one can of the normal stuff.
According to the Busines Journal, “The new brew, which contains a mere 64 calories, will be available in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North Dakota and South Dakota beginning March 1.”
If only they had created this a year ago when I was still in college…Oh well, I’d say a 64 calorie beer is still something to drink to. Cheers!

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