New Artists for 2008 (since we can only handle so much Rihanna)

High fiiiive to the music industry for just a second. I am so proud of you for giving these clothed, slightly average looking women the recognition they deserve- so virtual shots to you and Sara Barelles, Feist, Kate Nash, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Tequilla! Amen.
However, there are still some kick ass artists that will get dusty on the shelves, or the webpages if you will, since record stores are as extinct as typewriters, if someone doesn’t bring them into the public eye. Cause come on, we’re all too busy surfing gossip sites and buying Starbucks to search for them ourselves. So, I did the homework….do yourself a favor and look for these radical new femme forces:
1. SantogoldThis former A&R executive is the has a dash of the artist M.I.A with slightly a less cracked out beatmaker. Not to mention, she fearlessly pulls of electric blue skinny jeans and leopard print leotards. Anyone who can look hot in neon is icon worthy.
Favorite lyric: “Taint my mind but not my soul,Tell you I got fire, I wont sell it for no payroll
DOWNLOAD: Les Artists
2. Kate Walsh The UK does it AGAIN. I swear, The Beatles have set a standard of greatness for UK artists. This is the perfect menstrual cycle music, ya know, weepy, melancholy- perfection.
Favorite lyric: “I don’t know what it is about you, that makes me want to run and jump inside you.”
3. Jessie Baylin Not nearly as morose as Nora Jones, but more a jazzy singer minus all of the heartbreak over a piano and a packet of cigarettes.
Favorite lyric: ” ...Hold me in your arms and love me, mark me up and throw me down…” DOWNLOAD: See How I Run
4. The Broken Hearts I’m not joking you when I say this pair of DJ’s dress in full, clown, costumes. Like pin-up girls who celebrate Halloween daily. Matching costumes, and circus sideshow performaces–come on, how awesome are circus people?
DOWNLOAD: Blackcat
5. Yael Naim Nothing is sexier than a remake of “Toxic” by Britney Spears done by a woman with a french accent. It makes toxic the sexiest song alive, Chris Issac “Wicked games” sexy… French women have is so much easier, I’m jealous.
Favorite lyric: “I’m a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take”
6. Grace Potter and The Nocturnals The closest thing to being a sexy french woman, is being a sexy BLUES singer. Grace Potter not only commands the stage like Janis Joplin, she then tears her heart open with the most beautiful, heartbreaking ballads. Heart in one hand, a shot of whiskey in the other.
Favorite lyric: “Come on, come on….treat me right all the time, squeeze me like a key lime.”
DOWNLOAD: Apologies
7. Peggysue and The Pirates Honest, in your face lyrics, rhyming thrown in the trash, so they can use words like “super-duper” and wanker in their songs, landed them an opening gig for kindred spirit Kate Nash. Quirky, brave voices….these chicks are definitely on our side ladies, support them.
Favorite lyric: “What can there be to be so sad about, when you’re so good at flying??”
DOWNLOAD: Superman
8. Leona Lewis For all of your pop-tarts out there, this is for you. Leona is winner of Simon Cowells UK version of American Idol, The X Factor. Beautiful, ridiculously perfect hair, and…an incredible voice. If Simon Cowell has anything to do with it…she will be madly successful.
DOWNLOAD: Better in Time- remix
9. Jaymay Folk chicks seriously need to get more attention. Especially Jaymay. Plus, it’s fun to say her name. Break up songs, coffee drinking songs, morning after songs….the whole album Autumn Fallin’ is….SUPERB.
Favorite lyric: “I couldn’t stop staring at your lips without wondering how they tasted.”
DOWNLOAD: Gray or Blue
10. Ingrid Michaelson Greys Anatomy can officially take credit for noticing another talented artist and so can Old Navy, congrats on the residual checks you’ll be receiving Ingrid!! Her voice is vulnerable, her lyrics are conversational, and her second album is sensational.
Favorite Lyric: “Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts? Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts.
DOWNLOAD: Morning Lullabies
GO! DOWNLOAD NOW! Legally of course 🙂

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