Blow: An Energy Drink Only Amy Winehouse Could Love

Energy drinks, a food trend like sushi and frozen yogurt, and a beverage almost as popular among the celebrities as Starbucks.
When the paparazzi takes photos of Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Ritchie with a Red Bull in their hands, we flock to gas stations for our own personal can of the sweet/tart, crack immitating beverage.
That being said, when companies produced the energy drink Cocaine it caused a little bit of a catastophe, picturing twelve year old teeny boppers guzzling a beverage that is compared to crack. Even if the affects are the same, it’s one thing to actually name it after an illegal substance.
Needless to say, energy companies didn’t learn their lesson…and they’re at it again:
Introducting “Blow
The campaign has skinny, seductive and barely dressed women and even has Myspace. Naturally. Add Me. Not to mention they attempt realing you in with the “I love blow supports out troops” blog, and the parties thrown in Las Vegas by rockstars promoting their drink.
The “drink” is a powdery substance in a small vile that is supposed to be mixed into other beverages.
Hm. Interesting. So interesting I’ve decided to write a letter.
Dear makers of “I Love Blow“,
You need a talking to. The whole concept of advertising and using illegal drugs as your campaign, makes me want to vomit. How irresponsible are you???? There is no “lightness” to be taken when speaking about harmful and addictive substances. It isn’t “trendy” to tote around these beverages, it isn’t “cool” to have viles of powder in your purse, and NO, it isn’t ok, to endorse and hype something so negative.

I can’t wait until your company is shut down, maybe then you’ll learn your lesson.
Best Wishes!

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