Brown + White = Reason to Stare?

Sometimes, when I go out with my boyfriend in public, people stare…and stare…and stare. Unfortunately, it’s not because I’m drop-dead gorgeous or because my boyfriend is a total stud (although to me he is). It’s because his skin is brown and mine is white.

Before I go any further, I’m going to offer up a disclaimer: a lot of people don’t stare. Most people don’t even give a second look. And I don’t assume that those who do are staring only because we’re an interracial couple…but it sure does seem the most likely reason.

Honestly, when I started dating him, I was expecting the most conservative of the conservative white folk to be the ones who stared. As much as we’re living in the 21st century here, interracial relationships are still a little too futuristic for some people.

So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be all the Indians who stared.

I guess it makes sense. My boyfriend says that the predominant Indian view is that American girls/guys are dangerous because they would date an Indian for only one of two reasons: the money (?!), or because they think they love the Indian, but they are actually going to divorce later, because that’s what Americans do.

Plus, it’s still completely common and encouraged for Indian couples to have arranged marriages. While I don’t knock the idea, an arranged marriage is a horrifying thought for me personally (and for my boyfriend as well). But knowing the background makes it a little easier to understand the staring…an arranged marriage would definitely take place between and Indian and an Indian, and not an Indian and a white girl.

While it’s a little weird to get stared at, I don’t mind it too much. It actually makes me feel proud: I feel like I’m standing up for myself, for my boyfriend, and for what I think true love actually looks like.

I do wonder why I don’t see more interracial couples around, though. Maybe other CC readers can shed some light on that for me. Are interracial couples rare just because like-looking people tend to end up in the same places, or for some other reason? I’d really like to know.

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