Grammy Fashion: Hilarious, As Usual.

As if mentioning Cher’s bad fashion is even necessary. Because we all know Cher. We know that bad fashion is at least 75% of the reason why she is famous. So of course she wore the ugliest outfit that the goblins working in her closet could throw at her for last night’s Grammy Awards. But that’s to be expected. So what is everyone else’s excuse?

Oh, Beyonce. I get it, you’re a diva. But you looked more like the tooth fairy in your silver sparkle blue puff dress last night. And the high lights? Can you give that whole, “I’m black and wanna be blonde”, thing up yet? I’m so over it. For a girl who I would SWEAR walks around every second like there’s a mirror in front of her, you certainly managed to overlook some serious fashion flaws last night.


Amy Lee, Hot Topic called. They want your dresses…and your entire career back. Here’s a thought: Pretend like you don’t even know what the word “GOTH” means and try singing without all of the vampire bullshit. You are a good singer, after all.

Rihanna. Just when I thought you could do no harm to the human eye; I was mistaken. I’m sure the rest of the world will agree with me when I say that you should have just shown up naked.


Paramore: I’m so happy that a band was finally present at the awards who has worked hard to hone their career. But Hayley, c’mon, sister. What WAS this outfit?

I keep looking at it and I really can’t make out what the hell it was supposed to be or look like, but I know it doesn’t match your hair.

…Meanwhile, some stars actually figured out how NOT to match their egos with over the top outfits. Thank God.

Fergie, you actually looked good in your yellow Calvin Klein. I just wish you had hit as many notes with your song during the show as you did with your dress.


Miley Cyrus, high five, kid. I don’t know how you manage to look hotter than all of these well seasoned stars at the age of 15, but mama, keep up the good work.

So there we have it: yet another night filled with hits and misses in Hollywood. As usual, there were many more misses than hits.

Such is stardom.

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