John Krasinski: Likes Aimee Mann, Hates Baby Jesus

Have you, gentle reader, ever entertained the thought of seducing John Krasinski – through the universal language of song? Yes. Yes, in fact, you have. But before you proceed, consider the sad example of Aimee Mann.
She tries to do just that, in this entertaining yet not-at-all timely mockumentary, which features Mann wandering around Hollywood in a succession of dapper ties, trying to book various stars for her annual Christmas spectacular.
(Before you ask why Aimee is releasing a Christmas mockumentary in mid-February, consider the larger mystery at play: she’s scheduling the show itself for November 30. Aimee Mann apparently has trouble figuring out when Christmas happens.)
The clip itself mostly features John K. honing his suprisingly well-developed skills of shifting around and making uncomfortable faces at the camera. (You know, if only there were some sort of SHOW where he could do this EVERY WEEK.) Yet, for Mann’s song alone, it’s well worth your time.
But wait! There’s more! Lots more. This video is long, long, LONG – so long, in fact, that it’s been split up into three separate parts. Unless you have lots of love for Mann, odds are high that you won’t get through the whole thing. But for those with the patience to watch parts two and three, the rewards are high: a gleefully smug Paul F. Tompkins, Will Armisen venting fury on audiences everywhere (“people who pay money to sit in chairs are stupid”), and the shambling specter of a David-Cross-less Bob Odenkirk.
Ben Stiller also makes an appearance, playing a pompous ass named Ben Stiller. This is becoming a pattern for Ben, actually, which is leading me to think that he hates his movies as much as I do. This, of course, makes me feel much better about the human race. All will be well, as long as the man who made Meet the Fockers does not sleep unburdened by his crime.
Oh, and Will Ferrell shows up, thereby fulfilling his contractual obligation to appear in every film ever released in any medium, ever, from now until the end of time.
So: are you ready for more Aimee? Watch on, my friend. Watch on.

Welcome Back, TV!
Welcome Back, TV!
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