Welcome Back, TV!

Happy Tuesday! No, I am normally not this chipper on a Tuesday morning, even if it is warmer than yesterday’s one degree. Yes, one. In fact, I’m was still feeling rather crabby and I-Hate-This-Cruel-Cold-World for the first few hours of my day (having broken a nail while trying to open my car door that was frozen shut), until I began sipping on my third cup of coffee and reading this.
Check out that loooong list of shows that will be coming back now that the writers have returned to work. Granted, they really didn’t get everything they want and will probably be doing this whole strike thing again in 3 years, but being an American, I am all about the here and now. And here and now is looking quite good with our favorite shows coming back to TV.
“Now” being a relative term.
Since most shows aired every last episode they could when the strike first began it is going to take some time to shoot/edit before the shows can actually return to the lineup. So “now” actually means “April” for most of my favorite shows. But April is better than never, which is how I thought things were going to end up.
Oh, and SNL could be back as early as this weekend; months of pent up creativity could mean some really great skits…for the first time in like 5 years.
This also means that we will be entertained further into the summer months than during a typical year! Rainy day, here I come. I don’t have to rely on reruns of Melrose Place on SoapNet to get me through those too-cold-to-swim summer days this year.
Now, like the article says, all this information can change, so be sure to keep checking back. After months of waiting patiently you don’t want to miss the return of quality programming.

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