Pink Hair = Success: Gala Darling

In junior high, I wanted pink hair. Actually, maybe wanted isn’t the right word. I was more or less obsessed with having pink hair, and basically anything pink in general.
However, my mother – who let me get my tongue pierced at 14 – thought that Bubblicious-colored locks were just too radical for my upper-middle class suburban town. So I reluctantly settled for a bright, Ronald McDonald shade of red and completely embarrassed myself for the rest of 8th grade.
But my obsession with pink hair – and every girl I ever encountered sporting it – never ended.
So when I stumbled upon this website, created by a tattooed beauty who at the time of my discovery donned the exact shade of pink hair I so longed for in my wannabe punk rocker days, I developed my first-ever girl crush. Not to mention the fact that I was insanely jealous of not only her looks, but her success.
Gala Darling, the writer and sole creator of iCiNG, deemed “a tattooed Miss Manners with pink hair” here and “a local yet globehopping fashion genius” here is exactly what I would be today….if my mother hadn’t crushed my poor little teenage heart almost 7 years ago.
Except Miss Darling is from New Zealand, is much more insightful, and probably has better hair than I could have ever dreamed of pulling off with some Manic Panic and my 8th grade friends’ “kewl hair skillz.”
iCiNG started as a fashion blog back in December 2006 with Gala’s first article, the aptly titled, Fashion Help for Recovering Goths. However, since then the site has grown and Gala blogs about everything from How To Deal With The End of a Relationship, to How To Dress Like Edie Sedgwick to 50 Ways To Rescue The Worst Day Ever. Plus, she takes amazing pictures of her daily outfits.
Her stuff is essential reading for college women everywhere – and doesn’t make you feel like a complete waste of life, the way you do after spending, say, three hours looking at scribbled-on photos.
Two years later, iCiNG is Miss Darling’s full-time job, and I, as a girl who recently switched her major to English (which pretty much has “I’m-never-going-to-find-a-job-besides-teaching-
annoying-high-school-kids” written all over it), find it pretty damn comforting to know that it’s possible to make a living being hot, wearing sweet clothes and telling other people how to live their lives.
Oh yeah, and baking cupcakes. Seriously.
Basically, what I’m trying to get at here is that this girl is freakin’ awesome. And that anybody, even people with crazy, ridiculously-colored hair, can turn out okay. Hell, more than okay. They can become successful, well-adjusted adults and maybe even make a nice wad of change in the process. Check out some of the pictures of Darling’s pad -the iCiNG bowl as she calls it – breathtaking!
Hear that, Ma?
I think it’s important that we all remember that success can be achieved in many different ways. Even though we are spending 4+ years slaving away in college to earn a degree to get us a job, we can be happy with or without the traditional 9-to-5 desk job. We have it so drilled into our little brains that we have to work on someone else’s time clock, in someone else’s office, for someone else, that I think we lose some of that adventurous, rebellious 8th grade part of ourselves. And Miss Darling is the perfect reminder that you don’t have to fit into a certain mold to be successful, glamorous and make lots and lots of cash.
Just remember that anything is possible with a little determination, self-confidence and impeccable style.
Oh, and seriously….the pink hair couldn’t hurt.

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