So You Have A Problem With Strip Clubs?

Are you one of those girls with a problem with strip/burlesque clubs? If the answer is YES, please proceed to paragraph number 1 and then read 2. If the answer is NO, please proceed to paragraph number 2.
1. Well, alright. I get it. You have respect for a woman’s body and sexuality, right? Watching men drool over a woman’s body with whom they have no personal, let alone emotional, connection with whatsoever is sickening, right?
Something about the placing of a dollar bill in a thong makes you want to barf. And the idea of your boyfriend/husband/love interest being the guy with the dollar bill is just thoroughly intolerable, right? After all, if you two are involved, he should only think about and see your body sexually, right? He should not be involved with the chauvinist society of strip club going men. That would make him much more like a slime ball than the perfect guy you THINK you’re dating.
But THINK is the key word here, ladies. I beg of you to place yourself in the mindset of the girls who have proceeded directly to paragraph 2. Suspend your opinions at least momentarily if you can.
2. Girls who are OK with strip clubs seem to all agree on a few things:
A. Strip clubs are not degrading. Rather, they’re kind of exalting of the woman’s body if anything. These girls are making so much money for a reason: they are harnessing their sexuality and empowering themselves with it.
B. All men have a percentage of pig in them. If you’re going to go ahead and believe your man when he tells you that a gorgeous, naked woman dancing in front of him is not arousing; then you’re an idiot.
This is what I call an animal instinct. It’s there, it’s natural, and it has NOTHING to do with whether or not he loves you. Strip clubs do bring out this element in men. But if you keep trying to repress this, you might as well go date the woman you’re trying to turn him into.
C. We all know that confidence is what’s sexiest of all. Having had friends who have been and are strippers, I can tell you one thing for damn sure: A girl who hates stripping doesn’t last more than a few nights…if even one.
Strippers today, in a world where women can get any job of their choosing (even without a degree, they could choose something besides stripping if they wanted), are confident. They are not being forced into a bad, dark place where they have to take off their clothes as their only means to eat. Instead, they have actually embraced their sexuality on a professional level.
I must admit, if I had been reading this blog, I would have had to go straight to paragraph 2. Having once had a serious issue with porn and strip clubs and all other outlets of “inappropriate” sexuality; I have finally learned that sex comes in many levels…but primarily: Lustsex and Lovesex.
If your lovesex with a gentleman is truly lovesex; lustsex poses no threat to you. Remember, confidence is what’s sexy and there’s nothing more unsexy than a girl whining about the guys wanting to go to the strip club to celebrate something some Saturday night instead of coming to your tea party. If this is you, again, I beg you, just please go date the woman you’re trying to turn him into instead. (But let me warn you: she’ll probably be into hot chicks being naked, too. I’m just sayin’…)

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