Tuffy Luv Eats Your Face With Love

So, like,

Welcome to College Candy’s first advice column, Tuffy Luv Knows All.

And I do mean all.

Got a question about life? Sex? School? Family? Dating? Random Facts? Anything? ANYTHING?!


Seriously. Tuffy knows all.

So here’s how it’s gonna be. I’m not here to be a jerk at you, but I’m also not going to be fluffy like that outdated Ann Landers crap. I want to give you good, honest, sound advice. Advice you can freaking use, you know? Advice that’s better than the drivel your parents or roommate could offer.

But it’s gonna be, like, fun or whatever. And I promise, promise, PROMISE to answer all of your hardest and craziest questions with sensitivity, integrity, and a whole lot of research.

So post your questions in the comments (anonymously, if you want) so Tuffy can answer them and sh*t.

Right on.

Hearts & Skulls,

Tuffy Luv

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