The Food Network: Better Than Momma’s Cooking?

If you’re like me; college student, broke, hungry, AND seriously craving warm COOKED meals, that aren’t boxed, canned, frozen, or wrapped, I will suggest this: THE FOOD NETWORK IS YOUR SAVIOR. I’ve eaten enough rice cakes to insulate an entire house and COOKED food….is so much better.
This is not your momma’s daytime television, oh no, this is for Us. Us meaning women who need to experiment in the kitchen a little bit before hosting a dinner party that doesn’t have Domino’s Pizza as a guest. We all need guidance sometimes and from experience, though she’s a bit whiney, I completely trust Mrs. Rachael Rays’ cookbook.
If you and your friends split the ingredients and cook together, an evening in the kitchen is even better/more affordable. Plus, the Writers Strike is over now, so we can watch Greys Anatomy with full bellies.
Here are links to some of my VERY FAVORITE recipes that I am CONVINCED have won over many hearts (men and women included) AND have helped me keep cereal as a breafast food.
Cook away fair maidens!
Jerky Turkey Burgers with Papaya SalsaRachael Ray
Orange BrowniesPaula Deen
Sugar and Nut Glazed BriePaula Deen
Chicken and Orza FrittataGiada De Laurentiis
Chicken in a Pot, No PieRachael Ray
Spaghetti with Pinot GrigioGiada De Laurentiis
Peanut Butter and Jelly BarsBarefoot Contessa
The Best Bread PuddingPaula Deen
Roasted Sauage and PeppersRachael Ray
Got any other favorite recipes from the Food Network or beyond? Share those links!

Sexy Pictures Are The New Black…and only a click away.
Sexy Pictures Are The New Black…and only a click away.
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