The Heidi and Spencer Publicity Tour: Next Stop, Video Games

It seems that nothing can stop Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s quest for fame. Of any sort. At all. Whatever they have to do. Just to be famous.
First they hired photographers to follow them to the beach to capture Heidi just laying out and having a normal day. Then they shot that low budget and horrific music video. And now it seems that the Platinum Pair are developing a video game.
Yes, you heard me right; a video game.
No one really knows what to expect, but Spencer told Us Weekly, “Let’s just say that everyone will be addicted.”
Obviously that means that we will be able to hurt/torture/pummel both Heidi and Spencer, because I can’t imagine any other sort of activity that would make me a Heidi/Spencer addict. I am imagining some sort of James Bond meets Grand Theft Auto situation. You know, with guns and violence.
Or maybe something like The Sims where you can run Heidi and Spencer’s lives. That could also be addicting; putting them in the bear cage at the zoo. With steaks strapped to their bodies. Or sending Heidi to an all-you-can-eat buffet and forcing her to consume carbs. And maybe, although this may be a little too much, getting Spencer a job!?
Ol’ Spence may be right; if they make this game correctly, it really could be quite addicting. I am actually getting excited just thinking about it! Unfortunately, the game isn’t set to hit stores until December of 2009, which means that we will all have to suffer through two more years of Heidi/Spencer publicity ploys until the payoff.
But if the game is as good as I am hoping, it will all be well worth the wait.

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