Let’s Get LOST Together, Shall We?

For most of my life, I’ve somehow escaped getting pulled into prime-time dramas. It’s probably because I’m ususally too busy doing other things during prime time to care about Joey + Dawson, those crazy kids in the OC, Buffy, or even (on a slightly less teeny-boppery note) anything that happens on Law+Order--that goes for SVU too.

But all that changed for me the summer of 2006. I was spending the summer abroad in England, and countless phone calls to my then boyfriend back in the states would go like this:
Me :”I miss you honey!”
Him: “Me too, Babe!”
Me: “So how are you!?”
“I’m gr–Oh babe, gotta go–the guys are about to watch LOST,”
“I love you! I miss you! Bye!”
It wasn’t until I came back in September and he forced me to watch the first few episodes, that I completely understood why his priorities were so screwed up over the summer. Once you start watching LOST, there is ultimately no turning back. You will want to must find out what happens next. I think the best metaphor I can provide is that LOST is to me what heroin is to addicts. I can’t get through life without a fix.
And that’s why I’ll be re-capping episodes for you here on Collegecandy from now on. I’ll give you my opinion, you can give me yours. Who sucks (Jack and Locke, in my opinion)? Who’s hot? (Sayid + Desmond, naturally) Who are the remaining two members of the Oceanic six!? (Sun + Jin!)
Season Four has started off GREAT. They’re finally giving us what we want! Every episode has made sweet, sweet love to the viewer. They know what we want, and they’re just giving it to us nice and hard, even sticking around to cuddle afterwards.
New plot elements, and finally, FINALLY shedding some light on other issues (The smoke monster! Hello?!). I’m even digging the somewhat cheezy Gilligan’s Island element they’re throwing in. Sawyer + Hurley as roomates!? Awesome.
Episode Four re-cap to come!

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