So, Is He My Boyfriend?

So the last time I defined a relationship, it went like this:

Me and my ex lying in bed discussing spring break.

He said, “So I’d be ok with not hooking up with anyone while I’m in the Bahamas. Would you hook up with anyone in South Carolina?”

I said, “Is that your way of asking me if we’re exclusive?”

He said, “Maybe.”

I said, “Ok then, we’re exclusive.”

And from then on, we were boyfriend/girlfriend.

Ok, so that was college — where your friends play just as vital a role in setting the status of your coupledom as you and your significant other do with their mocking “Oh you guys are totally a couple” or “where’s your boyyyyfriend” comments at which point you take a cue from them and give each other the appropriate title.

But in the real world, it seems this whole defining thing is much harder to do.

I’ve been dating this guy for over a month. We’ve hung out almost every Saturday night, talk a few nights a week, hook up sober and not only did he make us dinner reservations for V-Day without any discussion of it beforehand, but he had a dozen roses delivered to my apartment. (I know, so cute!)

If all of these things don’t signal he’s into me and considers us exclusive, then I don’t know what does.

However, I’m a girl, hence I don’t really like this gray area. I have this urge to establish that we’re a couple. And since I don’t want to seem too aggressive or pushy, I haven’t brought it up. But I can’t help but wonder and ask every one of my friends, when is the right time to have that conversation?

Should I wait another month? Should I wait for him to say something? Should wait til I’m nice and liquored up and blurt it out?

What’s your advice??

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