Dating Disasters: The Faithful Friend

We all know him. We all have one: the best guy friend who secretly has a crush on you, and has always had a crush on you, but has sat idly by while you date total assholes. He’s there when you get your heart broken, and he never takes advantage of your vulnerability.

Then, in the movies, you wake up one day and realize that he’s the perfect guy, and that you are madly in love with him. You tell him, preferably outside when it’s raining, and you both live happily ever after.

If only.

The summer after my Freshman year, I was working your typical slave-labor job and licking my wounds after breaking up with my first real boyfriend. To comfort myself, I started dating this total asshole; he didn’t really care about me, but loved leading me on.

My best friend from work, lets call him Chuck, tried to give me advice on the situation, since I always seemed to be upset. “We got in a huge fight last night, and he kicked me out of his car!” I would whine, and he would tell me I was too good for that guy, that I should just move on.

It was obvious to everyone (besides me, of course) that Chuck was falling for me big time, and every time I talked to him about my asshole rebound boy, I was just making things worse. I was clueless.

Cut to the following summer, same job, asshole rebound boy is gone but Chuck is still there, as loyal and as wonderful as ever. Taking advantage of my single status, a mutual friend finally sat me down and told me what was up. “Chuck has a massive crush on you, Sarah, and you really ought to stop leading him on.”

Moi? Leading someone on? I’m usually the victim in these kinds of situations, not the criminal! How could this be!? I thought about our history, how kind he had always been to me, what an amazing guy he was, how he was always single….

One night he was driving me home, and as we stopped in my driveway, I leaned over and kissed him. And that’s how I got myself into an awkward friend-relationship.

To be continued…

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