THRICE Have Finally Won Me Over

I’ll be the first one to admit that once a band wrongs my tastes musically; it’s kind of hard for them to undo that first impression. I mean, I believe in artists progressing and changing. In fact, I believe that if your art is static on any level…you may not be an artist.

After all, the idea is to CREATE, not to continually replicate. So for the bands who I hear and think, “OH GOD, I hate this…“, I do genuinely want for them to eventually appeal to me. It’s just that a lot of bands get set in their ways and begin to define themselves by the genres they have been shoved into.

However, more and more bands have been walking gracefully into my corridors of forgiveness these days. And THRICE is one of them.

I’ll admit that I was never crazy about Thrice before. When a friend told me last spring that she’d be on tour with the band in the fall…I couldn’t think of any song in particular that I knew, but I remembered not liking them. She elevated my hopes slightly by telling me the band would be releasing a 4 disc set starting in the fall called The Alchemy Index.

Apparently, it was supposed to have been well on its way to being a brave and creative endeavor from the group even at that point, so I was eager to hear it. In the mean time, I became addicted to singer Dustin Kensrue‘s solo cd. It made me WANT to love the upcoming Thrice release.

And now that I finally have heard it, there is not one part of me that doesn’t love it–well, the two discs that have been released already, that is. The set is split up into the four elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Fire and Water have been released and are winning Thrice first time fans everywhere… including myself. They could have gone terribly wrong with their theme, but instead… they’ve gotten it pretty right on.

The songs from the Water disc are very hypnotizing and calm. From peaceful to sad, it’s hard to explain why the songs FEEL like they would be on the water disc…but you would understand if you heard. And the same goes for the Fire disc. It’s fierce and destructive in the most beautiful way possible.

Kudos to Thrice for going above and beyond so far on this release. For any of you who are interested, PARTICULARLY those of you who haven’t liked Thrice before, I urge you to check it out. They’ve got tons of tracks here:

Listen, and enjoy!

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