Breaking Up (with Caffeine) Is Hard to Do…

I quit Diet Coke. I’ve been clean for 2 months with one lapse, where I tried to save calories at the bar and went for a Bacardi and diet. I couldn’t even finish it and have been off the sauce (the cola, that is) ever since.

Basically I have come to the conclusion that diet soda isn’t that great for you. Yes, it gives you a caffeine buzz, but there’s something I respect more about coffee and tea. I also read Skinny Bitch and the scare tactics got to me. But as I tried to keep myself from running around all jittery, I realized that leaving caffeine is a lot like ending a serious relationship. Except it can actually help stop the formation of an ulcer instead of causing it.

I’m down to one cup of coffee a day. It’s trickiest when you need little pick-me-up to get through the work day, but some things have definitely helped me transition:

1) Tea. It’s not the same as my Diet Coke fix, nor is it quite as glorious as my daily coffee, but it can be delicious and still gives you a little kick. There are also decaffeinated teas out there to help for that transition later down the road.

2) Hot water with lemon. It sounds weird, and I own that. But I love it. It’s very cleansing and refreshing, and that slice of fresh lemon really does more than you may think.

3) Flavored seltzer. It’s not too sweet, but it’s basically just carbonated water with enough hint of difference that you feel like you’re getting something. This is my newest addiction.

4) Apples in the morning. I heard a rumor that an apple in the morning can wake you up as well as a cup of coffee. It’s not quite the same, but it definitely helps, and it’s a great way to get in a fruit right at the beginning of your day.

5) Going to bed at a reasonable hour. I am getting more lame, and I’m accepting it. Thursday nights are still sacred and reserved for going out, but I try and call it a night other days by midnight at the latest. If I have to be up early anyway, it doesn’t kill me to stay in Sunday through Wednesday.

Have you recently tried to quit caffeine? Tell us what works for you!

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