Jovovich Hawk is Coming to Target!

Good news, Ladies.
The new GO International line for Target is so close I can taste it! Well, not actually taste it. That would be weird. You would walk into your neighborhood Target store and find me sitting in the clothing department licking all the clothes. Sort of like that crazy Project Runway designer who was spit marking her designs. Ew.
But back to my point.
The line will be in stores and online this Sunday, March 2nd! [Editor’s Note: Damn you, leap year; we could have had a whole closet full of clothing one day earlier if it weren’t for you!] The new designer has been sorta top secret for months, but Target has finally officially let the cat out of the bag.
Jovovich Hawk.
I know I say this every time a new line launches at Target, but I am super excited for this one. Jovovich Hawk’s designs are extremely feminine and flattering, without looking like you are trying too hard. I have been eyeing their stuff through windows for a long time, but have never had the $500 it costs to purchase one of their awesome dresses. And now I don’t need it!
The collection hasn’t gone online yet, but I did manage to find this gem. The pictures are small, but the line is so chic and wonderful that I still managed to fall in love with a good 90% of it. The cuts are flattering on all frames (including my 5’10-ness) and it looks like there will be tons of options for mixing and matching.
Unlike the last GO International line by Erin Fetherston (which was ultra cute but also totally over the top), the new Jovovich Hawk collection is simple, clean and easy to incorporate into your already overcrowded wardrobe.
Sunday cannot come soon enough. It is gonna be bagels, yoga and an afternoon at Target. …Though, I’m a little nervous; last Sunday I stopped into that store for a box of Tampons and came out with a table. With the GO International line involved, who knows what damage I could do?

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