President Bush: “Patriot Act, I mean, the Protect America Act”

At today’s presidential press conference President Bush urged the House to pass the Terrorist Surveillance Bill (FISA) which will allow surveillance of foreigners without a warrant. The bill’s progress has been stalled due to the controversial clause giving immunity to phone companies from wiretapping-related lawsuits.

When asked about the concerns of the American people, President Bush fell back upon his stand-by argument–The Enemy! stating:

How can you listen to the enemy if the phone companies won’t participate with you” for fear of lawsuits? He went on to state that companies have a duty to their shareholders.

Oh right…the shareholders. Of course their financial protection is more important than the Presidential Oath.

The President also made it clear he will hold firm to his current foreign policy trajectory.

In regards to Raul Castro, President Bush made it clear that despite the power shift in Cuba, he will not meet with the new leader nor will he consider changing the embargo.

According to the President, meeting with the new leader of Cuba will detract from the power of the current American position:

Sitting down at the table… lends the status of the office and the status of our country to him, he [Raul Castro] gains a lot from it…

No mention was made of the potential gains renewed face-to-face diplomacy might yield. On Tuesday, the Vatican paid such a visit. Apparently the authorities promised the Vatican’s representative, Bertone, that they will give the church greater media freedoms.

President Bush reaffirmed his previous statements that he will go the Olympics in China despite growing pressures to the contrary. He said he looked forward to the sporting event but would also avail himself of the opportunity to discuss religious freedom, Darfur, and Burma with President HU Jintao.

Following Spielberg’s withdraw from the Beijing Olympics over China’s stance towards Darfur, international pressure regarding the foreign policy angles of the Olympics increased.

To sum it up– if you missed today’s press conference you missed a groundbreaking exercise in NOTHING!!!

Thus far I have refused to take a stance on any of the candidates, but…at this point I think I prefer a lack of experience to such a stance of stagnation.

Sigh…Obama where are you?

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