The Honeymoon Period: Best Thing EVER

Though we all pretend it will never happen to us, some college students do end up in a (or many) serious relationship at some point during their college career.
It happens when we least expect it; we will be scouring the bar for another nameless drunkard to take back to our dilapidated rooms, when, Bam! We find someone we may actually like.
So, we take them back to our dilapidated room (stopping them at the door so we can tidy up a bit) and the rest is a magical history. The numbers are exchanged in the morning, and we can’t wait to call in order to see him/her again. Next thing you know, this one-night-stand turns into one-big-relationship and your days as a late-night-slut are over.
Suddenly, you are wandering aimlessly through campus thinking about that cute thing he/she said, or getting all hot and bothered during class imagining the things you could do to him/her with a pair of handcuffs and some chocolate sauce. You can’t eat/sleep/study/change your socks without yearning to be doing it with that special someone.
It’s called the Honeymoon Period, my friends, and it is one of the best times in any relationship. The exact time frame ranges from relationship to relationship, but, from what I’ve seen, it averages from about six and a half minutes to six and a half weeks. This is a time of pure bliss – one where neither of you can do anything wrong.
Feel like drinking till you puke…all over his/her bed? Totally fine, in fact it’s cute.
Want to call her fat? Go ahead! It’s just you being a good, honest person.
I wouldn’t be surprised if taking someone else home from the bar during the Honeymoon Period was given the OK on the grounds that you were “practicing for me!” Just watch out though; you never know when this state of affairs may end and even leaving your clothes on the floor is enough to start World War III.
An even better perk of the Honeymoon Period, however, is the I-Can’t-Keep-My-Hands-Off-Of-You effect. It’s incredible; no matter how much you touch your mate, you just can’t get enough. You find yourself dragging them into public bathrooms/alleys/the stacks at the library. It turns into a game of, “Where haven’t we been naked yet?” A game you just can’t stop playing; a game where you both end up winning in the end, again and again. You can’t study because it reminds you of the time you made out while holding that very book. You can’t take the bus to class because it reminds you of…well, that’s personal. But you get my point.
Many college students have trouble finding the redeeming aspects of a serious relationship in college. These students ask themselves (and anyone who will listen) why anyone would ever want to be tied down to one person, lose their freedom, lose their independence, lose their money on chick flicks and cheesy flowers. These people have yet to experience the Honeymoon. It’s like a drug, and once they try it random hookups will never look the same again.
My name is Lauren and I am addicted to the Honeymoon.

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