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Usher, Can’t We Just Wait Till We Get Home?


After a 4-year hiatus, Usher’s new single dropped on Tuesday. Featuring Young Jeezy and titled, “Love in This Club,” it’s a catchy tune, but has lyrics that slightly disturb me. Since it’s Usher, there’s not doubt the song is going to be huge and soon you’ll be grinding to it in all the frat houses basements and bar dance floors, but that doesn’t stop me from being just the tiniest bit skeeved out.

Okay, so the lyrics. The main chorus claims, “I wanna make love in this club” over and over. Does that sketch anyone else out? I wasn’t aware that doing the dirty in a club was considered acceptable these days. I mean, can’t we make love when we get home from the club? You know, a little bit of privacy is always good. Or at least avoiding the promise of getting arrested. Usher doesn’t “care who’s watching,” but I think I might.

I was just starting to look past the lyrics and appreciate the song for its danceability, when Young Jeezy chimes in, sounding angry and vindictive and claiming that he’ll, “bag you like some groceries.” No thank you. He wants to “make a movie, yeah, rated R,” but I kind of think if we were making love in the club, the movie would be rated at least NC-17.

We’ll just have to wait for Usher’s full-album, set to hit stores this spring and hope for some more hits like “Yeah!,” “Caught Up,” and “You Make Me Wanna” (and that’s not “You Make Me Wanna Make Love in This Club”). And for now, we can get down to the new single, welcoming back Usher’s smooth voice and trying our best to ignore the lyrics.