I’m all for impromptu vacationing, but it’s nice to be able to plan vacation time and really do your research. So as you all gear up for spring break, summer vacations, or weekend get aways (sometimes surfing isn’t a terrible idea, us college students need a break from time to time!) don’t bother doing the research, since we at CollegeCandy already did it for you!!
The first city we are spotlighting is Denver, Colorado. We all know Colorado for it’s skiing and swanky mountain towns, but the city…though quaint- is amazing. Therefore, we should give it more play. Print this out, take it with you, GO EXPLORE!!
Naturally, I must start with food:
Best Home Cookin’: Steubens, located off of the up and coming “trendy spot” in Denver, Steubens brings all of the 50’s charm with the decor, the deviled eggs, mac and cheese, and rootbeer floats. And please, while you’re there…order a side of hush puppies, you will not be disappointed.
Best Breakfast: Gaia on old South Pearl St, located in a converted house, this tiny spot packs some serioussss bacon and eggs. Crepes, garden seating, fresh pastries, and a friendly staff makes this a MUST. Take time to peruse surrounding boutiques, gelato, and coffee shops!
Best Drinks: For all of you of age, if you’re looking for something a bit more swanky, try Paralell 17, the house cocktails: mandarin cosmo, cucumber basil martini, and muddled margarita’s are…incredible. Not to mention, they have fried bananas…a delicious drinking food right??
If you want to go the pub route, hop on over to the Irish Snug. Good food, fun crowd, and a 2 for 1 happy hour! Score!! Plus, the location is right near Denver’s best music venues: The Fillmore Auditorium, The Ogden Theater and The Bluebird Theater.
Now that we’re fed, we can shop!!
Best Shopping: Highland Square located on 32nd street in Denver, this block has everything from books to lingerie, clothing to artwork. You could easily stop by for lunch at Julia Blackbird’s New Mexican and have the sweet acorn squash and homemade guacamole, spend too much money, and finish at Stella’s Trattoria, a gourmet Italian restaurant, with limited seating but totally worth the wait.
Also visit….

Old South Gaylord
– shopping, weekend farmers market, dining…and karaoke at Reivers.

The Denver Art Museum
– The new wing of the building was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, who is a trippy genius. You MUST see it to understand.
Mercury Cafe– Organic food, dancing lessons: swing, lindyhop, salsa, belly dancing and tango nights! Listen to poetry readings, or join in on open mic night. This is the best indie spot.
Denver Botanic Gardens– If the weather permits, you could spend the entire day looking at exotic flowers, rare plants…you’ll forget you’re in Denver and feel like you’re in the updated version of The Secret Garden. Check the website before you go and attend a “free day!” after all, we’ve already spent all of our money on…food!
Anywhere else you’d suggest when visiting The Mile High City?! Let us know.

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