Happily Ever After?…Yawn.

sleeping beauty copyright disneyOnce upon a time, I used to think I was an old-fashioned romantic. Now I know for sure that I’m not. Sure, I’d love to believe in fairytale stories and picturesque idealism – but then again, wouldn’t we all?

For the majority of us, love won’t be rosy and full of references to the likes of Cinderella and Snow White. Conversely, the composite mass of emotional mess we experience is exactly what makes love so addictive.

Alas, it is this aforementioned “composite mass of emotional mess” that I am beginning to tire of. The thought of emulating Sleeping Beauty and spending my days snoring loudly seems to be a very attractive prospect – especially to be rewarded with love’s true kiss (and more importantly, a good-looking man) for doing practically nothing.

Perhaps there is a lesson hidden in all those seemingly idealistic Walt Disney movies which dictates that in order to meet the perfect spouse, we must learn to lock ourselves up in castle towers, make carriages from pumpkins, or eat rotten apples.

Unfortunately I gave up on fairytales long ago. I gave up when I realised that there were more responses than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question, and more than two ways to do things. A relationship is not the simple one hour and twenty minute epic movie that fairytales make it out to be. If Belle had been offered the choice of a casual relationship then who is to say she would decline?

Not so long ago I decided – for these very reasons – to give up on love. The maybes, oohs and aahs, the unspoken words, the sporadic nature of humanity; it tires me. Which is quite a coincidence seeing as I quite fancy an undisturbed nap in a cold dark tower. I’ll get back to you when Prince Charming turns up…

Grown tired of society’s barrage of “romance”? Think fairytale endings really do happen? Let us know!

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