Letter From Your Editor: March, Whatcha Ever Done For Me?

So, it’s March.

In like a lion, out like a lamb…still kinda winter, but almost spring…warmish days, but cold nights…basically, March is a cocktease. And we all know that no one likes a cocktease.
As you attempt to focus on the oncoming warmth, fight the urge to wear you sandals and t-shirts when it’s still 50 degrees out (and those of you who actually go through with it, you’re not fooling anyone in your practiced nonchalance. We all know you’re freezing), and get ready to deal with the mindf&%ck that are finals, just know that CollegeCandy is right there with you—ready to lift those weary spirits with witty witticisms and opinionated opinions.
If you like what you’ve been reading (we’ve gotten like 99867 new writers, and it’s fantastic), and feel like telling a few rad girls about us, we’d be wicked grateful. Our continued success in this crazy jungle that is cyberspace is basically in your hands, and the more wonderful readers we have, the more wonderful things will happen!
That being said, let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see more of, if you have any story ideas, and what we should continue to do. Know ways for us to increase our readers? Want to help us get advertised in your school? Want to be our friend on Facebook?
Thanks again for being such wonderful ladies, readers. And remember…strength, confidence, and badassness always does a body good!

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Happily Ever After?…Yawn.
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