Move Over, Lion and Lamb. There’s a New Animal Unison In Town.

So it’s finally, finally Saturday. You probably started celebrating the fact that the week is over yesterday, admittedly. Still, even on the weekend, things can get a little rough. And what better way to lift your spirits than with a daily dose of cute?
I recently ran across a story on Five Blondes about something that sounds like it was written in the Old Testament. A mother tigress in a California zoo recently had a litter; however, since the little guys were premature, they didn’t make it. The mom was clearly depressed about the lack of little mewls, and started to decline in health. The zoo looked everywhere for cubs for the mom to take care of in her former cub’s stead, but no dice.
All they did manage to find was a bunch of piglets. But how to make a tiger thing that the little pink squealing things running around her are her cubs and not dinner? Easy; stick them in tiger skin.
While sniffing around on Google to find out more about this disgustingly adorable story, I stumbled on the truth; the pictures were real, but the story not so much. Turns out there’s a tiger zoo in Thailand that frequently has exhibits with different animals living together in unison. This was one of those exhibits.
Still, it turns out that the female tiger was infact nursed by a sow, and sees the species as family, not food. And no matter how you look at it, it’s still probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

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