Prince Harry Pulled Out of Combat After Leak

Prince Harry takes on the Taliban
The last time we heard this much about Prince Harry, England’s third in line for the throne, was after all those kooky pictures surfaced of his royal highness done up like a Nazi at a fancy dress party in 2005.
After that highly embarrassing incident, Harry, of course, apologized profusely, and, being as the world couldn’t resist those ginger locks and easy going charm, everyone outside of the UK sort of went back to an–albeit slightly suspicious–indifference. After all, he’s probably never going to be king and he’s not as cute as Prince William who has those endearingly large chompers and an adorable crush on Beyonce.
The focus has returned back to the younger brother, however, when a story surfaced on the Drudge Report that the 23-year old has been fighting on the frontlines of Afganistan since December. The British press had agreed to keep Prince Harry’s location quiet after early plans to deploy Harry to Iraq were scrapped fearing security risks. Since this leak, The “Bullet Magnet” of Wales has been pulled out of active combat and will be sent back to the UK fearing for the safety of the Prince as a high priority target of the Taliban.
I’ll admit that my first reaction to this story was a sound rolling of the eyes. That may sound heartless, but despite Harry’s claims to the contrary, the media has built him up to be fairly ignorant and careless and I saw his enlistment in the British army as being equal parts punishment and royal duty. The kid was as good as drafted.
This situation seems to be a little more nuanced than that, though. I think that at first, Harry probably did not choose to go to Afghanistan or Iraq anymore than he chose to whom he was born. But, being such an influential figure, if he had tried hard enough, he probably could have wiggled out of his assignment. From many accounts, Harry seems to be fairly happy to take an active role in the British military and whether or not his enthusiasm is legitimate, it is still admirable that he was there.
Another issue that this whole to-do brings up is that of the responsibility of the press. I know that Matt Drudge prides himself on digging up shiny little nuggets like this, but when it starts to threaten the lives of anyone, member of the Royal family or no, transparency in the press can be dangerous.
There is a line between being sneaky and dishonest and looking out for the greater good and I’m not totally convinced that the news media didn’t cross it with this story. It would be one thing if the information was really vital to the world, but do any of us feel considerably different or better knowing as we do now the approximate location of Prince Harry? After all, he wasn’t doing something outwardly stupid so we didn’t even notice that he was gone, really.
All seriousness aside, I want to give a shout out to the blog who caught a hilarious Yahoo-headline switcheroo. And am I the only one that thinks that Prince Harry looks very much like one of America’s most beloved sons, Earnhardt Jr., in that picture?

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