Dirty Hair Saves the Environment!

As if you needed another reason to just roll out of bed in the morning, throw on an outfit, and run out the door. Well now, you can feel really good about skipping your morning shower. Why? Because doing so could actually be helping to save the environment!
You don’t say!
Greasy hair is good, according to a University of Missouri study. After exposing eight washed and eight unwashed hair samples to ozone for 24 hours, researchers discovered that unwashed hair absorbs around seven times as much ozone as freshly washed hair. This is most likely because the ozone reacts with oils in the hair.
What does reducing the ozone mean to you (in case saving the environment isn’t enough)? The less ozone you breathe in, the lower your risk of having respiratory problems is. According to one of the researchers, “For dirty hair, the ozone concentration around the head is likely to be substantially lower than the level in the room.”
So, sure that pretty girl with the freshly washed hair will be surrounded by potential dates, but she’ll also be surrounded by ozone. Sucks to be her, right?
Before you get too excited about sleeping an extra 20 minutes every morning, you should know that researchers also found that oily hair might produce more secondary-reaction products, such as respiratory irritants, because of its reaction with ozone.
Darn it. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that last part. Twenty extra minutes in bed would make all the difference to me.

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