Awesome AND Healthy Burritos

I’ve been told that I make the sweetest burritos ever. And of course my taste buds are biased…but I have to admit…my burritos are my favorite…and I think they’re pretty sweet, too.

My type of Mexican feast definitely has a taste that is a bit different from your normal greasy burrito. So here’s the secret:

You’ll need:

1 box of Mexican Rice (with seasoning)

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 jalapano pepper

1 jar of hot salsa

1 bag of cheddar cheese

1 tomato

1 can of black beans

Whatever meat you prefer, if you want.


Start to boil the water for the rice while you chop the peppers and the tomato. Begin to stir fry the peppers and tomatoes and put the rice in the boiled water. If you’ve got meat; throw it in with the stir fry.

As the meat finishes cooking, add the beans and salsa to the mix. Once the rice is done, add all of this to the rice (after the seasoning is in) and then slowly add the cheese. Scoop this into your tortilla and wrap it up like a burrito and you’re good to go.

Not only is this delicious, but you can make it slightly healthier, too. Just replace the cheese with fat free cheese, make the tortillas wheat, and use olive oil for your rice instead of butter. Also, try not using meat or at least not any red meat. If you follow those instructions, you’ll have yourself an awesome AND healthy burrito!

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