Should We Tone Down the Sexy?

Button up ladies, tuck in those bras, put away the lipgloss…apparently, sexy is on the out.

During a recent call with investors of Victorias Secret, Chief Executive Sharen Turney announced her belief that the brand has gotten….”too sexy”.

GASP. TOO SEXY?! Is there such a thing? I mean, you’re a lingerie store!

Apparently, Victoria’s Secret wants to “return” to their more sophisticated roots, roots I didn’t personally know existed. Though some of the campaigns can get a bit trash-tastic, it’s not like they’re strutting across the screen looking like the girls from Rock of Love. The models don’t look like they’re going to get drunk and have some dude’s initials tattooed on their ass by the time the evening ends. They don’t look like their heels are from Stripper-Depot, they look like they’re probably designer.

The sexy that they are, is…HOT. As a woman, it’s empowering to see a group of beautiful ladies who are confident and practically naked in heels–and who aren’t a pornstars.

Here’s my overall thought on all this: LINGERIE. IS. SEXY.

Why would we try to make it anything else? Why would we cover it up or “tone it down”? To do that is implying that there’s something wrong with sexiness. We’re already so afraid of sex and powerful women figures being sexy. In America, we still let our puritanical roots make us uncomfortable with bodies, and any time something gets a bit too risque, we pull it from the shelves.

Why are beautiful women risque in the first place? That’s art, that’s natural and human.

If there’s anything Victorias Secret should be focusing on, it should be hiring models who look more realistically “woman”. It isn’t the sexiness that I think most women have a problem with, it’s the fact that the women playing the “sexy role” aren’t proper representations of real women, who are; sexy.

The whole PINK line was cute, college/high school/middle school students poured into Victoria’s Secret in herds. We’ve catered to that comfy, cutesy aspect of women, so why would we take away the inner vampy side? That isn’t fair. If you really want to go in to Victoria’s Secret and buy something more modest, by all means, it’s there for you…they have the full butted undies, robes, and cotton bras–but if I want to go in and buy some lacy sexed up panties, I should be able to do that too….and I’d like to see the women on TV making that, “OK”

What do you think, has Vickies gotten “too sexy”?

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