The Hills are Alive!

We all knew The Hills would be coming back for the second half of Season 3. Lauren Conrad announced that it would cover her and Whitney’s time in Paris (pronounced Pareeee) at the season three finale party.

I have been waiting patiently (if you consider sending daily emails to MTV begging them to start airing the episodes being patient), but have yet to experience the crepes, the shopping and the Eiffel tower with LC.

Well, rumor has it that Lauren and Lo have been hitting the streets in L.A….with a camera crew close behind! Finally; some evidence that the 8 bonus episodes are actually going to happen! I have been doing some research and it looks like our gal pals are gonna be back on Monday nights starting March 24th!

The eight episode mini season is allegedly going to cover Lauren and Whitney’s Paris experience and Heidi and Spencer holding down the home front in LA. I guess keeping Speidi and LC in separate time zones was the only way Lauren would agree to staying on for another season seeing as she almost walked when she found out Heidi would be included for season 3.

Some tipsters over at MTV revealed that the sex tape rumors really got to Lauren after the second season and it took promises of limited Heidi/Lauren interaction and a whole lotta money (she’s making tons more than her co-stars) to get her to sign on again.


People have also been hinting that Heidi was going to be removed from the show for the upcoming season and get a spin-off of her own (barf), but MTV hasn’t said anything yet. And I am glad; I mean, I hate Heidi more than most people, but she does make the show totally worth watching. What would The Hills be without all the drama? Probably as boring as most twenty-somethings’ lives.

But even without the removal of Heidi, we will be getting a little extra this time around. It looks like Lo is officially joining the cast. I am so excited; she brings a much more chill and refreshing attitude to the show, not to mention the hilarity (and sometimes drama) that ensues whenever she drinks. Like that time she made out with Brody’s friend. Or when she started telling Whitney how much she hated Justin Bobby in Vegas. Priceless.

I don’t know what is going to happen this season, but I do know it is gonna be good. It always is. So get those DVR’s ready. March 24th is coming fast.

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