The Big Apple, overflowing with culture, history, the best food in the world, theater, museums and galleries, is also overflowing with; tourist traps. Double decker buses line street corners, and are indeed a tempting ride to take (and actually, if you get a good guide, they’re pretty fun.)

Though there are definite must see’s; Central Park, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island and a Broadway show, the city has hidden gems around each corner that you may not notice if you’re too busy trying to find the windows of TRL at the MTV building, or listening to a tired tour guide give you the same surface speech he’s given twenty times that day.

First, you must know: THE FOOD IN NYC IS OUTSTANDING. You could hop into most “hole in the walls” and have an incredible dinner, so I’ll give you some of my personal favorites:

Best Panini: ‘ino, to sum it up as best panini only, would be wrong. The atmosphere is amazing, if you blinked you may miss the restaurant when walking by it. Seating is limited, but when you finally sit down, order different types of bruschetta, truffle egg toast, and white bean soup. SO. INCREDIBLE. Even Martha Stewart approves. [Editor’s Note: Chelsea is right. This place is so good it should be outlawed. Try the $2 asparagus, truffle oil, and parmesean cheese bruschetta and see what we mean!)

Best Dessert’s: It’s much too difficult to sum this up into one place. Cupcakes could go one of two ways; for vegan goodness, Babycakes. For the day’s caloric intake in one stop; Crumbs. For the more sophisticated, Chickalicious, and for drinks paired with cocktails that taste like dessert, P*ong.

Best Brunch: Cornelia St. Cafe, in the heart of Greenwich Village, this restaurant packs charm and later in the evening, live jazz, poetry readings and storytellers.

Best Margarita: Agave, pomegranate margs, good happy hours and Southwestern Mexican food will make you one happy drinker.

Best Dining if Mama’s buying: Gramercy Tavern, Pastis, and Mas (farmhouse). Not easy on the wallet, but worth the dough.

Now that you’re full….go play!

Obviously, Broadway is a must. If you’ve never seen a Broadway show, may I suggest Spring Awakening. I’ve seen a lot of shows and this one is hands down the best. ever. Fearless, progressive, incredible talent (not to mention they’re all under 23 years old), great music….you cannot miss this show.

Now, venture off Broadway a bit and see FUERZABRUTA, this show will blow your mind, it’s a complete overload of the senses, your jaw will be to the floor the entire time.

Visit the Chelsea Art Galleries. Chelsea Gallery District is a small area packed with some of the greatest, most well known galleries. While you’re around there, check out Chelsea Market, gourmet lovers will be; in love.

If you’re a music lover, Bleeker Street is LINED with little clubs, live musicians and an active scene. Check out; The Bitter End, Terra Blues, The Village Lantern, Kenny’s Castaways, The Red Lion and Groove on Macdougal. Then, you can grab pizza at Bleeker Street Pizza.

Honestly, you could explore forever…hours, days, years. People who have lived in NYC their whole lives are still discovering new things, that’s why we want to hear from you!

What are some spots in NYC that you think everyone needs to visit??? Tell us!

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