Ellen Page + Lesbians + Werewolves = Curious, Skeptical, and (still) Unfunded.

In the recent wake of Juno, there’s a pretty emphatic highlight on young actresses like Ellen Page. Seems like everyone wants to hop on the bandwagon, and why not? It’s about time that the younger females in our current day and age have someone actually noteworthy to look up to, not to mention it’s great to see people our age act and do it well. So you’d think that if there were a movie that had two young prominent female characters playing lesbians, it would be an amazing breakthrough performance, right?

Not if everyone thinks it’s about lesbian werewolves, it’s not.

Now, don’t go thinking that there’s a movie where large furry girls are giving an entirely different meaning to the word “petting”. Ellen Page and Olivia Thrilby (who was also in Juno, as well as the recent, less popular but equally amazing Snow Angels) are set to play Jack and Diane in a movie that’s called, you guessed it, Jack and Diane.

Two girls meet and hook up in New York City, and after a bit of time together, sweet Diane grows on the otherwise cold Jack. But there’s a hitch; Diane is about to skip out of the country in a week or so. Jack, predictably, is not pleased, but Diane struggles to keep them together – which is not the easiest thing to do when we find out that Diane’s “newly awakened sexuality” has a tendency to make her a bit more, shall we say, grizzly at times.

Of course, everyone – even Page fans like me – is dubious about this. Herein lies the problem; people are so skeptical about the movie that no one has stepped forward to fund it. It’s important to note that Jack and Diane is NOT a werewolf movie in the slightest. Remember studying metaphor in ninth grade English, guys? That’s what this is about, and Olivia and Ellen say so much in an interview they had with FirstShowing.Net’s Alex Billington.

“But that’s a theme that is actually something that [director Brad Rust Gray] explores in his work – the concept of a girl or a character turning into something provoked by her repressed emotions,” Olivia explains in the interview. “In [Rust Gray’s] movie Salt, it’s about a girl and actually it’s based on an Icelandic folktale, this girl turns into a seal. It’s very metaphorical; it’s not a literal metamorphosis that happens.”

I have to admit; I’m skeptical. And worried. Aside from the fact that it sounds like a lesbian version of Brokeback Mountain – with werewolves – it could easily go awry and/or be misconstrued. It sounds fishy, but I also know that right now, the movie hasn’t even begun to be filmed yet. There’s no real firm basis for me to go off on. And though the concept sounds risky, I like risky. It’s new and isn’t really something that’s been done before. So I continue to have a blind faith in Jack and Diane. Hopefully, someone else will too.

Preferably someone with money.

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