One-Stop Shopping: Need a New Computer? Or a Man?

So you’re ready to meet the man of your dreams…all you need to do is find him. But you’ve been hanging out at the bars every Friday and Saturday night, been attending all of your business classes, and you’ve even been hanging out at your school’s football, baseball, and track practices daily. This whole trying to find a boy thing is getting tiring, isn’t it?

Well ladies, don’t fear; because as usual, Cosmo is here to tell you how to find the man of your dreams. And they’re telling us that we need to stop going to the bars and frat houses and we need to start hanging out at our local Apple store.

Cosmo explains that not only is the store filled with tons of smart hotties but, “The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting…”

I mean, I guess it makes some sense. You do have smart, cute men hanging out at the store checking out the latest computers and gadgets. So yes, the men are there, but do they really want to be bothered by us? I’m not so sure.

I’m trying to figure out the exact tactic I would use upon entering the Apple store and scoping out a tech-cutie. Do I sneak up behind him as he’s checking his e-mail? Or do I play dumb and ask him questions about what a gigabyte is or how to burn a CD? Maybe I ask him to list the positives and negatives of the iPhone. Or, if all else fails, I can “accidentally” drop an iPod in front of him and seductively bend down to pick it up and get his attention.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Sure the Apple store is filled with hotties, but these hotties are on a mission: to test out and purchase some technology. Not to pick you up. No matter how beautiful and fabulous of a girl you are, there’s no way you can be as pretty as a brand new MacBook.

It’s back to the bars for me.

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