Diet Myths You Should NEVER Believe

It wasn’t until around a year ago that I really started to pay attention to the things I ate. And I took on my new knowledge of what’s nutritious, how to lose weight, and how to really exercise…well…kicking and screaming.

I was always that bitch with the really fast metabolism who didn’t gain weight. I’d come home and go from eating a can of Pringles to an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s–easily. I never was bigger than a size 7, however, I did slowly become more concerned with being healthy. So what if I could eat a bucket of lard for dinner? That didn’t mean it was doing my health any wonders or that I felt GOOD after one of my binges.

Plus, I didn’t think it’d kill me to be a little smaller if losing weight did end up being the outcome of the diet change. Now that I’ve been a size 3 for about nine months, I’ve learned that a lot of girls who ask me how I stay small believe a lot of bullsh%t diet myths.

And as long as girls who want to be healthier and lose weight the RIGHT way keep holding onto these dumb ideas about “what works”, I’m going to have to deal with a lot more insecure girls who can’t shed their extra pounds in my day to day life…so I may as well present to you all the truth.

1. You’ve gotta watch your drinks. You’re aren’t much better off with drinks like Gatorade and Vitamin Water or even lots of teas than you are with sodas–calorie wise. Of course there are differences when it comes down to nutrients, but if you’re trying to lose weight…switch all of your drinks to water so you can save calorie room for those alcohol and caffeine splurges. Once you get used to drinking water with every meal, you won’t even be able to tolerate drinking sodas and juices as thirst quenchers.

2. People say that eating before you go to bed will make you gain weight. Those people are wrong. Taking in more calories on any given day than what you’re burning is what will make you burn fat. The problem with eating late at night is that you usually have already reached your calorie limit for the day.

3. Carbs are not going to make you gain weight. As I stated above, the only thing that makes you gain weight is taking in more calories than you are burning. Carbs happen to usually accompany calories, however. They are actually WONDERFUL energy foods to eat before the gym, a hike, or a long day of work. The problem is that they taste great and people often times don’t think about them in terms of how much energy they will be burning.

The most important thing that I learned, however, was that getting healthy and losing weight is part of a LIFE TYLE change. You can of course indulge in bad things now and then. However, you need to be very disciplined most days if you want this to work.

Know any other diet myths? Do share!

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