“Sex and the City: The Movie” – Yeah, I’ll Pass

I think I’m the only chick who rides the ‘I don’t care about the “Sex and the City” movie’ train.

One of my friends lives and dies for this show. I remember one Christmas she got the boxed set of SATC DVD’s and handled them like a newborn as she showed everything to me. Like I half-expected her to put on rubber gloves to handle the box and its contents. She talked about the characters like they were real and they were her friends. And then I looked to her boyfriend. Whose eyes were glazed over because he clearly had been forced to watch — Every. Single. Episode.

She cannot be more set on making a girl’s night out of going to see the movie and then going out for drinks afterward. Cosmos, I’m sure. But there will be no random hook-ups because she thinks that she’s Charlotte and Charlotte wouldn’t ever have fun.

I don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t share her love for that show and that I thought that it was time to get over it like six years ago.

Because I do think that it’s time to get over “SATC.” I have seen a few episodes and I was definitely entertained by it. But it’s a show and it ended. You never lived that life. Just because the movie’s coming out now doesn’t mean that you now might have regained the potential to live that life – because yours isn’t scripted.

Please give up the fantasy that your life relates to any of the show’s situations and stop living in the Land of Delusions that you are anywhere close to (either in the past, present or future) having your life be a living non-stop episode, because it’s kinda crazy.

You don’t want to be Carrie because she was neurotic and did dumb things; you don’t want to be Charlotte because she was annoyingly romantic while doing dumb things; you don’t want to be Miranda because, even though she was cool, she wasn’t considered to be really hot; and you don’t want to be Samantha because apparently I’m Samantha.

And stop with the cosmos; they don’t even taste good.

I have no desire to watch these old bags run around the city in their age inappropriate clothes. And haven’t they already banged every guy in the city? Did they import new ones from other cities in order to keep it fresh?

I mean, I don’t hate it. I just don’t get it.

So I’m losing steam. Is there anyone else out there who’s boarding at this station?

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