Spring for Break the Right Way

Pumped for Spring Break? Tell me about it! But please — PLEASE — don’t become the next “Girls Gone Wild” victim. Here are a few quick tips to keep your shirt on. It is possible to have fun and be safe and responsible at the same time.


Don’t forget your passport — You will need it even if you go to Mexico for a day. If you don’t have one already, it’s not too late to get one.

Get your work done — Dig your heels in before you leave, so your trip can be a real vacation without work looming.

Make yourself pretty — If you want to be pampered with a manicure or wax job, do it before you go. It may be cheaper while you’re on your trip, but satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Consider different weather and occasions — You might not be on the beach all the time, so prepare some clothes for lounging, going out, and cold/wet weather.


Bring two bathing suits — Have two different types, and don’t go generic. Nothing is worse than seeing another girl wearing the same bathing suit. Also, putting on a damp bathing suit is never a nice feeling. Having two lets you dry one while you wear the other.

Establish a budget — Prevent overspending by coming up with a daily budget. Research costs for food, accommodations, and other expenses in the currency of where you are going, then convert it back into dollars so you know the different rates.

Beware of scams — Even when you book your room, clarify if the price is for the room or per person. Don’t buy items packaged in a box. I once spent 150 Euro on a “Sony camera” in a box holding what turned out to be a bag of sand.

Protect yourself — Don’t accept drinks from strangers and keep a condom in your purse.

If something goes awry, there’s always Advil — so don’t leave that at home either.

The countdown ‘til Spring Break starts today. Prepping now will keep you worry-free later.

Have fun!

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