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Hats Off to Cool Accessories


I am a firm believer that the accessories make the outfit. Too many people spend too many hours trying to pair their socks with their polo shirts or their Uggs with their jackets. If you’re decked out with fun accessories, no one else cares what you’re wearing because you’ll look great regardless.

And since I know there are other people out there like me, who don’t necessarily have 10 bajillion dollars to spend on an outfit, accessories are good news. Even if you buy full price from an upscale store, accessories will cost only a fraction of the price you’d pay for pants or a shirt (unless, you know, you’ve got your eyes set on diamond earrings).

Because of all this, it’s a crying shame that girls don’t take advantage of accessories more often. It seems that every girl I see out walking is either tipping the scales with pounds of bling or wearing no accessories at all. It’s not that hard, people. To take advantage of some of my very favorite accessories, read on:

Headbands. The best thing about headbands is their versatility. You can wear them no matter how long (or short) your hair is, and they’re like miracles on bad hair days. They look good no matter what their design, and you can even make your own in a pinch by folding a scarf and tying it at the back of your neck.

Belts. Finally, people are starting to realize that belts aren’t just strips of hide made to hold up your pants. A unique belt material, thickness, or color can really catch people’s eyes—my personal favorite is a thick red belt worn over a minidress or wrapped around the smallest part of the waist to shape your hourglass.

Hats. I absolutely love hats, and I almost never see girls wearing them. They are stylin’, people! Fedoras, bowlers, and other “guy”-type hats look smashing on girls, but so do more feminine styles like the bucket hat. On a casual day, even a cowboy hat can go a long way. Yee-haw!

What are your favorite accessories?

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