Bloggers Turned Writers: GOOD Writers

Since the Internet has taken over our lives, we’ve been given a little gift called The Blog.
A blog is the new school term for “Dear Diary”, and who would have ever guessed that diary entries could be so entertaining — entertaining enough for people to make a career out of exposing their inner most thoughts, desires, confessions, and judgements.
Well, publishers caught onto the idea quickly and said, “hey, this sh*t could actually sell.” Reading words that most people think will remain anonymous makes the reading fresh. Sincere. Real.
Because of the over-saturation of “reality TV”, (‘true life stores’ manipulated entirely by producers and crafted into audience friendly material), people were yearning for something genuine that made all of their daily dramas and horrific embarrassments, dating stories, and “disorders” seem normal.
Bloggers started to say f*ck the fake stuff, and began to write about their orgasms, financial troubles, divorces, narcissism, every little detail down to the nitty gritty. And guess what happened? Audiences clamored for MORE.
We want more because each time a new blog is posted, people reveal a new piece of OUR identity. Each time a blogger confesses something we would be far too terrified to write about, we feel better about OURSELVES. Our thoughts feel justified, and sometimes we get to think, “At least I’m not as jacked up as her.”
And yeah, that validation is necessary too.
Recently I’ve been reading all of my favorite bloggers’ books. Normal women with regular (regular on the fancier side of course, since that’s part of what made their “blogs” so interesting) jobs, who wore a size eight and tended to drink a bit too much and say too much in public. Their books have been just as radical as the daily peeks into their lives that seemed so relatable to many of our own dramas.
Even if you’re unfamiliar with the likes of the blog world; WordPress, Bloggers, LiveJournal, TypePad, etc. and you aren’t one to air your dirty laundry in front of, well, everyone, you’d still enjoy these books. The best writing is truthful writing, and without a doubt, these women have successfully spoken the truth.
Barnes and Noble should be on our to-do list today. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie Klein
: Originally from Manhattan and wrote Straight Up and Dirty, a memoir about her life in the city…like Carrie Bradshaw, but way better.
Jen Lancaster: Chicago blogger who wrote Bitter Is The New Black and Bright Lights Big Ass, both books about her continuous struggle to find a job. She’s witty, ridiculously snarky, and sometimes a bit…bitchy.
Jancee Dunn: Former writer for Rolling Stone, wrote But Enough About Me a memoir about her life interviewing celebrities and attempting to hang with the rock and roll lifestyle…
Meg Cabot: She’s written just about EVERYTHING. A lot of young adult stuff but great chick lit as well.
Megan Crane: My favorite, Frenemies
Jennifer Weiner: A writer who’s book In Her Shoes was later adapted into the feature film with Cameron Diaz, which was quite adorable. Also read Good In Bed.
Not to mention the enormous amount of bloggers that are wonderful, witty and fantastic who still have yet to get published.
Do you read the blogs? Any blogger we should know about who deserves to have a fan club/and bindings with their names in the side? WE WANT TO KNOW!
For further non-blog related reading may I also suggest: ALL books by Chuck Klosterman, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, All books by Laurie Notaro, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus, The Namesake, February House by Sherill Tippins, and I Like You Hospitality Under The Influence by Amy Sedaris (who is awesome)

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