High School Confidential: Familiar, Yet Still Heartbreaking

Apparently the people over at WE think that they’re onto something new by revealing “the truth” behind high school on the new show High School Confidential. Well shocker; it’s not all peachy f*cking keen.
I’m sure you could have stopped any kid on the street with a skateboard or girl buying leggings at Forever 21 and they could have told you that, on less of a budget.
The only real surprising thing about this show is that the girls were so candid on camera. They were truthful about things that most girls wouldn’t want their parents knowing, but since the show follows the 12 girls for four years, by the time their parents view it…they’ll be old enough to not have to explain themselves and their bad behavior. Except of course if there’s a baby involved within the four years….they may have to explain that…
Each girl goes through the things that we’ve all managed to make it through; sex, parties, pressure, family chaos, self-loathing, and the search for “SELF” (which most people don’t find until after high school anyway). Starting off with braces and frizzy hair, pictures flash from beginning to end on how they’ve at least managed to find a better conditioner, regardless of “self.”
After all, ridiculous or not, in high school, image is pretty damn important.
Though I don’t think the show is doing anything ground-breaking, I’ll still tune in every Monday night. There is something endearing and intriguing about these clumsy teenage girls going through many of the things we’ve all encountered…only with an entire camera crew around.
Many of the stories are stories we can relate to, can understand, can empathize with and feel our aching hearts coincide with those of the girls. Its tumultuous and exciting and makes me say, thank the dear LORD I made it through
And they will too.
The show is on the WE network, every Monday 10/9c. Tune in and let us know what you think.

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