American Idol–Minus a David

American Idol was downright bizarre last night. Any show with three guys named David, and Jim Carrey in an elephant suit, is bound to get ratings though—I guess.

Honestly, I’m just not all that into American Idol this season. The singers seem tepid to me. Sure, I miss the liveliness that my Sanjaya threw into the show last season—but even barring that, everyone is so bland! At least Ryan mixed it up with his offer to fight Simon in a pit of mud.

So, let’s talk about the bottom three: Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook, and David Hernandez. Syesha had to sing first, and the poor girl—I just wanted to cry for her. How much does it suck to be told that you’re unpopular and then be forced to sing in front of who knows how many million people? Syesha handled it pretty well, though, and at least managed to smile throughout her whole performance.

Kristy had to sing next, and though I can’t stand her look—the too-cute pink top with the flowing blond hair—I actually didn’t mind the song, which is surprising since I hate country. She picked up some more points by being über-perky, which I can only imagine is difficult to do when all you can think about is how the entirety of America hates you.

Rounding out the bottom three was David Hernandez, who gave possibly the most boring performance in the history of American Idol. It was so boring I don’t even remember what the song was. After what felt like centuries of hemming and hawing by Ryan, David was finally sent home. He handled it well and seemed confident—more power to him.

Basically, though, I am now psyched that there are only two Davids on the show… maybe now I can finally keep track of them.

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