Brit Brit ‘Breaks The Ice’ With Animated Sci-Fi Weirdness

You know, usually I totally love me some Japanimation.

I'm not big into cartoons for adults, but you gotta admit that some of the stuff they do is downright crazy. Totally LSD-infused and straight up weird.

And every once in a while, I love me some bubblegum pop music, too. I'm not afraid to say that I turn on some Britney Spears before a night on the town. Electronic voices, heavy breathing, hooks that burn themselves into your brain's all good.

But apparently, Japanimation and Britney Spears together equals boring confusion.

Brit's new video for "Break the Ice" is totally animated, but besides the one line the lead character (who's supposed to be her, I guess. But I mean...who are we kidding?) lip-syncs, the animation and the song look like some 12-year-old made a YouTube fan video of their favorite cartoon. I mean, the sh*t doesn't add up. Brit's music is anything but edgy -- and the weird, sci-fi spy Japanimation is definitely out there.

I don't know. Take a look. Maybe you think the synergy is perfect.

As for me, I'm still not convinced Ms. Spears will ever have that comeback.

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