Model-Sponsored Man Ban: Saturday, March 15

If Maxim radio host and model Diana Falzone can’t catch a break with the fellas, is there any hope for the rest of us mere Photoshop-less, fluorescently-lit plebians? Well, following that whole Spitzer thing and Glamour Magazine’s jackass blogger, Falzone has had enough–and is starting a revolution! Well, sort of.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“There is only so much infidelity a person can handle before they stop believing in love. In order to keep women of the world from becoming bitter, cynical spinsters I ask that we as a gender stick together and have a weekend without men!…In fact, this Saturday March 15th. Take back your night.

Dress up for yourself, go do something for you, don’t worry about him. Let him sit on his couch playing Halo with his buddies who suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome and wonder, “I wonder what (insert your name) is doing right now?” Let men see that women are not willing to deal with their crap anymore.”

What do you think of this: is she just projecting bitterness from a relationship-gone-awry, or is she onto something here?

Even though most of the girls fed up with men are likely without a date anyway on Saturday night, let’s turn it around; I’m all for actually choosing to be dateless this weekend. Let’s take back those two hours of primping for some dude’s weekend pimping, hang up our heels, slip on some sneakers and grab our girls to go out and have some freakin’ fun.

Do you have a girl’s night out plan?? Give us (and our readers) some ideas!

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