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Must Read Dieting Blogs for Any College Girl


One of the hardest things about committing to a diet and staying on track is remaining motivated throughout the tough times. Going through a break up or just didn’t do so hot on a big exam? Eating junk food and sweets is a really easy way to deal with your emotions. But, unfortunately, they are only a temporary satisfaction that will probably leave you feeling even worse than you did to begin with.

A great way to remain positive and keep your new lifestyle change at the forefront of your brain is to read diet and nutrition blogs. Other than following my fellow CC girl, Olua’s, kick ass weight loss journey posts, here are a few of my favorites to check out on a regular basis:

Body By Glamour Weight Loss blog – A Glamour magazine staffer takes us along on her quest to lose weight and tranform her life. Packed with great tips and personal anecdotes that almost every girl can relate to, this blog is an entertaining and helpful resource for anyone struggling to take off extra pounds.

Diet Blog – This outlet tends to focus more on the scientific research and studies behind new diet trends, fads, or products. An extremely informative spot with well written and objective pieces on all aspects of nutrition and weight loss.

Back in Skinny Jeans – Another personal blog chronicling one female’s journey to a “healthier” lifestyle. Beyond just talking about her struggles or triumphs, the posts are packed with commentary on the culture of being skinny as well as inspirational quotes to get you motivated.

Fit Sugar– An overall great resource for anyone who is health-conscious and wants to stay informed about all of the latest research, trends, products, or exercise equipment. The fresh design of the website as well as frequent posts make it a great pit stop for daily perusing.

Those are my top four that I check out regularly. Am I missing any? Let me know if there are others that you girls love to read…

Midwesterner turned big city gal by way of upstate NY for four awesome years of the co-ed experience. Currently rocking NYC and the recent post-grad life, but secretly pretending I'm still in college and sitting in my sorority dining room dishing with girlfriends about the events of previous night.